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Shelti Cougar Eye 2 Home Version

Shelti Cougar Eye 2 Home Version

Buy a Shelti Couger Eye 2 Dart Board Home Version from GameTablesUSA today. Shelti Eye2 dart boards at the lowest prices.

Shelti - Shelti Cougar Eye 2 Home Version

Valley Cougar Darts set the industry standard for both playability and reliability. In the hands of Shelti, the next generation is designed to do the same. A familiar hinged cabinet design makes the game easy to set up, break down and transport The target and most electronics continue to be service-accessible from the front of the game The target assembly, overhead display and three-button player menu selection are similar to past models With eyes towards the future, Shelti also included SDRAM, serial and RJ 12 capabilities built on the controller.  And as you can see, brilliant new graphics and striking diamond plate compliment a cool new player-change button The new Valley Cougar Eye ¦ by Shelti is designed to hit the mark.   Dimensions: 86H x 24""W x 24"" L, Weight 180 lbs.

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