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Shelti Bayside Home Pool Table

Shelti Bayside Home Pool Table

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8HP-88 or 93
Laminate Color
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Shelti - Shelti Bayside Home Pool Table

Shelti's Bayside Home table offers the playing experience of a tavern table, providing the craftsmanship of our coin-operated models. Built in our Michigan factory, this single piece slate table features a magnetic cue ball separator, cabinet that can be disassembled for moving, and is available in two sizes. Choice of cherry or charcoal matrix laminate finish. Features Magnetic Cue Separator A magnetic device conveniently separates the cue ball from the other object balls. The cue ball returns the breaking end of the table while the object balls return to the opposite end. Unitized Table Construction Requires precision fit between the side and end aprons to the top rails and zinc die-cast corners. Adds to the cabinet's overall structural integrity and better ball response. MDF Top Rails Provides the straightness and density characteristics for accurate and more resilient play. Cabinet Comes Apart to Ease Transportation and Installation Cabinet aprons and top rails disassemble down to two "L"shaped sections as shown. Ball Return Chutes Enlarged chalk openings in all six (6) arms and three (3) in the center return are wide enough for the chalk to go through on angles. Anodized Aluminum Rail Trim Full-coverage with fasteners under the rail to reduce contact and snags with clothing. Pro-Am Cushion Rubber Affixed with bolts that include a plastic shoulder washer to precisely locate the cushion rail at the proper play height. Tested and proven to provide exceptional ball rebound and accuracy off the rails. Championship Mercury Ultra 19-Ounce; 75% Wool / 25% Nylon Fabric Blend Cloth Shaved and finished to look and play with the speed of a worsted cloth.. One-Piece Slate Precision measured and ground as necessary for flatness within 10/1,000ths (0.010 €) of an inch. Ensures true ball roll. Regulation Size Play Areas Twice the "nose-to-nose"length of the width: 40"x 80"(93"table) and 37.25"x 74.5"(88"table). The 2:1, length-to-width play dimensions are critical for bank shots to respond at consistent angles for accurate pocketing. High-Impact Molded Legs Made of plastic resins, reinforced with fiberglass. Legs overlap the aprons, adding to the overall table appearance and strength. 1-Year Comprehensive Warranty Assembled Size: 88 € €”88 €L. x 50 €W. x 32 €H. or 93 € €”93 €L. x 53 €W. x 32 €H. Cabinet Apron Ht: 17 €. Weight: 88 € €”670 lbs. 93 € €”725 lbs. SheltiBayside Pool Table- Non-CoinFREE SHIPPING! Full assembly required - professional installation recommendedWe want you to enjoy a pleasant shopping experience with us.

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