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Berner Air Hockey 2000 Air Hockey Table

Berner Air Hockey 2000 Air Hockey Table

Berner Air 2000 Air Hockey Table - This Berner Air 2000 Air Hockey Tables Designed for highly competitive and safe commercial play, Berner Air 2000 air hockey table provides your home, institution, or business with fast paced action.

Berner Billiards - Berner Air Hockey 2000 Air Hockey Table

This is a commercial quality table with Arcade styling features and heavy-duty construction. Huge size 8 foot AH 2000 Air Hockey Table / Air Hockey 2000. One of the best quality tables on the market. Professional design for a hassle-free play experience!Features: Perspex acrylic playing surface, not MDF for superior puck action Heavy duty blower for total-surface air flow Solid aluminium top rail Apron corners are ABS Molded solid leg made of ABS Unique anti-flyout side rail design Arcade style overhead digital score board, plays sound and reads the score Overhead scoring tube made from Aluminium Extruded aluminum top rail for arcade speed and lightning-fast rebound Multi-colored LED lights around rails Plastic safety shield in center of table prevents puck fly off Heavy duty construction for fast action and long-lasting durability Includes: 10 - 3" Easy-gliding pucks et 4 - Heavy duty rubber mallets Optional coin-op mechanism up to 4 coins or use tokens (additional cost) Dimensions: 91"L x 53"W x 34.25"H / 76"H to overhead scoring unit Playfield Dimensions: 81"L x 39.25"W Apron Height: 17" Weight: 330 pounds    

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